A. Happy work, happy life, smiles are always open;

B. Be the best of yourself;

C. Be a responsible person and make yourself and others happy;

D. Pursue, and catch up with the creation of value, and the fun of the creative process;

E. Believe in yourself and always maintain enough confidence;

F. To be a person with virtue and ability, at least to have virtue;

G. Always maintain firm integrity;

H. The principle of ensuring fairness, impartiality and openness;

I. Mutual assistance, common development, and equality within the company;

J. Trust in diligence, the early bird catches the worm;

K. Never back, keep moving forward;

L. Keep working with great enthusiasm;

M. Depending on the quality of life, and use quality to promote growth; quality understanding refers to the general quality;

N. Ensure customer first; customer understanding refers to customers in a broad sense;

O. Do it best if you insist on doing it, and never tolerate bureaucracy;

P. People will win the day and attach great importance to smart capital and its providers;

Q. Establish team work;

R. See innovation as an opportunity for growth and development;

S. Constantly creating opportunities;

T. Always maintain an infectious enthusiasm;

U. Speaking of civilization, politeness, image, organization, discipline, and order.