1. Organized, disciplined, and unconditionally obeying the arrangement and management of superiors;

2. Responsible for their superiors and positions, unite and cooperate, and complete the tasks with quality and quantity;

3. Protect and respect the labor results or assets of the company or others;

4. Diligently save and strive to reduce costs;

5, proficient in working methods, attach importance to learning, and strive to enhance their own quality;

6. Strictly implement the operation specifications, pay attention to safety production, and pay attention to fire prevention and anti-theft;

7. Compliance with laws, public morality, professional ethics, and compliance with the company's rules and regulations;

8, civilized courtesy, clean and tidy, friendly and interactive, caring, responsible, and etiquette. Create a good working and living atmosphere;

9. Maintain the company's reputation and interests, and actively stop and reflect the company's bad phenomena;

10. Care about the company and its own future and development, and put forward their own suggestions and opinions;

11. Strictly observe the company's confidentiality and consciously maintain the company's safety;

12. Be warm and courteous to anyone, and be considerate;

13. Maintain the company's image and interests;

14. Have plans and goals, and take unremitting actions;

15. Emphasis on health and environmental protection, including work and living environment.